Good product photography is crucial for businesses as it helps showcase their products in the best light, attract potential customers and increase sales. A well-crafted photograph can effectively communicate the product’s features, benefits, and unique selling points, creating an emotional connection with the target audience. High-quality product/service photography can benefit all brands, regardless of industry. Customers prefer visual media that showcases a product’s features and benefits, and high-quality photography can give businesses an edge over their competitors.

Wine Bottle Photography

This project was completed for a local vineyard who were using iPhone photos on their website to show the wine offerings produced by their company. The owner wanted to re-do her product photos so that they were in a consistent and professional style, allowing them to boost their brand image.


Glass Fairies – Macro Product Photography

This project allowed for a small product to look large and very detailed online. These items are mini and meant to be assembled into tiny fairy gardens, but the business owner wanted to be able to show off the fun details and showcase the contents of her kit for the online listing. We were even able to do specialized holiday product photography for her upcoming seasonal items.

Other Product Photos