I had the special privilege of attending the 2021 Rhode Island Fashion week as a professional photographer. During this time, I had access to runway shows, behind the scenes, guest portraits, and a special effects portrait shoot with some of the models. This page will show off some of my best photos from my time at fashion week. Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

Guest Portraits

For the guest portraits, I had a small area of space behind the check in table where guests would be able to have their photo taken. This area was very dark, so I attached my LED panel to the hotshoe on my camera body and was able to light up the scene without needing bulky equipment.

Behind The Scenes

Before the runway showings began, I had a great opportunity to head behind the scenes. I was able to meet lots of different models, designers, and event coordinators. Speaking with everyone gave me a different perspective on the whole event, and allowed me to capture some fantastic photos of preparation time.


After a long day of prepping, the models and designers were ready for their runway showcases. Here are the photos I captured from the runway displays.

Special Effects Photoshoot

After the final runway, I was able to head outside with a small group of models for a special effects photoshoot. We had a pair of powerful LED light bars, which we used as lighting for our scene in front of both a glass wall and a mural. The photos produced from this shoot are spectacular!